Late Pass: Going Dutch

January 30th, 2008 No Comments »

Remember when we told you we were taking the okaymentary to Europe?


That was, like, two months ago. We wish we could tell you that we took an 8-week holiday on the continent, but we didn’t. We did make the trip for the Black Soil screenings. We did survive. We kept ziac our streak of not sucking alive. And now it’s on to…we’ll get to that in a second.

The short story cialis pack of the sorta-long sojourn to the Netherlands and England goes something like this:

Arrive in Amsterdam on Thanksgiving. Celebrate the holiday with okayplayers Deluge, DeePhunk and ShinobiShaw.


Train it to Rotterdam. Party with the Black soil crew, Kevin Fitzgerald from Freestyle and the South Coast Massive (Big up to Will, Charlie, Liam, Tyni and Kev). Watch a bunch of dope movies. Including ours. Humbly accept praise from the audience at our first European screening. cheap wellbutrin without prescription Book a flight to London.


Arrive in the UK. Link up with some old school homies–including okayplayer Angelo. Track down Charlie Dark from the BFI. Politick about a London screening. Shop for t-shirts. Get screwed on the conversion rate. Miss the flight back to the Netherlands. Mope around London. Exit stage right.


Return to Amsterdam. Street team. Hard. For three days straight. buy cochicine Acquire healthy layer of calluses on both feet. Have a dope t-shirt made at a fly boutique near Leidesplein Square. Visit the Van Gogh Museum. Enjoy some hostel “hospitality.” Watch more dope movies. Including ours. Again. Humbly accept more praise. Give a couple of interviews. Party with the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Bounce back to the States.


And that’s pretty much it. buy tinidazole usa For the viagra professional mexico short version of the trip. (Longer

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version starts over here


As for what’s next…well…we’re awaiting word about a couple of other screenings. And we’re prepping some merch. Which will be available this spring.

What kind of merch? Here are two hints: one 24 hour pharmacy in north finchley you can arcoxia wear and one you can watch. Stay tuned, yo. And

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stash a couple of fins for whenever we get this DVD ready.

(Did buy viagra over the counter someone say DVD? Shhhhh. Tell order levaflaxcin everybody.)