Invading the Bay

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We’re back from the Bay. Well, those of us who cvs pharmacy photo don’t live the pharmacy orlando there are back to the places we live in. And we are happy to report that the SF Doc Fest went well. Full house on Saturday’s

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screening. Not so full house on Sunday. Very positive feedback both days, though. Folks really like this movie. Some of ’em made a post about it on okayplayer’s General Discussion Board [Disclaimer: Posts don’t stay active forever.]

DoorBut here are a few of the glowing testimonials:

“Great film! It seemed before I saw the film that it would be really hard to capture this community anywhere but on a message board (of course, I’m biased, as this is my primary contact with okayplayers, and I tend

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not to participate in group events…), but I thought the film brought across a lot of important things that I can’t express very well to my non-okp friends.” kamagra brand online —janey


“I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone / generic viagra / cialis vs levitra / levitra dosage / cialis coupon / kamagra reviews / generic cialis soft online

who does *not* post on okayplayer to see if I would still like it as much, and honestly I think it’d still be really good from that perspective too.” —m


“it’s really well put together.” —JUSTICE

tickets“i like the way I was quoted, and thought biaxin order the film came out splendidly.”—KosherSam


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*heart* the numerous cats”—cindylu


Okay, maybe one or two of those 100 mg lasik people was biased. But no one to date has said the movie sucked. That’s a streak we’d like to keep alive. Forever.

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